Seaside Chamber Ambassadors

The Seaside Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors were organized in the early 1990’s following a visit to the Greater Newport Area Chamber if Commerce Ambassadors and Greeters by an interested group of Chamber volunteers. The first set of bylaws was written and approved in November of 1993.

The Seaside Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors (referred to as Ambassadors) was founded with the objective to present a positive image of the Seaside area to both visitors and residents. The Ambassadors participation is under the guidance of the Chairperson, Chamber Executive Director and the Chamber Board of Directors.

The Ambassadors are an extension and a member of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce. It is a group of dedicated people who donate their time and energy to serve as good-will Ambassadors for the Seaside Chamber of Commerce and the Seaside community. The Ambassadors maintain a high visibility profile by developing good-will, providing flag service, and attending and supporting Chamber activities and events.

Monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at Seaside Chamber businesses, public parks and buildings, or homes of Ambassadors.

Membership is by invitation, however, the total number of active members of the Ambassadors is unlimited. Regular attendance at monthly meetings is encouraged of all Ambassadors. Each member is expected to give of his or her time for group activities within the framework of the group’s purposes. Successful accomplishment of the many activities of the Ambassadors requires full participation of all members. After meeting the membership requirements participants receive a red fleece, a red polo shirt, and a name badge at no cost to them. More formal attire is a black blazer (provided at the Chamber office), black slacks, and a red turtleneck top.

The Ambassadors’ officers consist of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. These three officers constitute the Ambassador Board. There are no annual dues. Funding for Ambassadors shall come from Flag Service billing, donations, and fund raising activities approved by the membership.

Ambassador activities include assisting with the following activities: July 4th Fireworks display, Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament, Hood-to-Coast Relay Beer Garden, Seaside Sashay, Christmas decorations for Seaside Chamber and Quatat Park, Christmas Gift Fair, ushering and ticket taking at events at the Seaside Convention Center, helping to clean the Chamber office, acting as Visitor’s Bureau lobby volunteers, and Flag Service.

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