AOI Leading Issues

AOI Leading Issues

Regulatory Streamlining Group Begins Work

The second meeting of the Governor’s regulatory streamlining initiative has begun its daunting but important task. The group was established pursuant to a memo from the Governor characterizing the state’s regulatory system as “sluggish” and detrimental to economic progress. See memo here.

Regulatory issues are often cited as extremely problematic at virtually every level in Oregon, making expansion or job creation difficult and slow. However, the state of the economy, as well as renewed interest in regulatory reform, has, in the eyes of many, made this the most opportune time in decades to make real progress.

The effort involves an Advisory Group and a Working Group. The high-level Advisory Group intends to have an “Initial Proposal” drafted and ready to go by the end of this year and a “Final Proposal” sent to the Governor by mid-2012. The Initial Proposal will serve a scoping document, and the Final Document, more of a map intended to suggest both short-term immediately implemental changes, as well as longer-term systemic reforms. The advisory groups consist of:

Chair, Carmen Calzacorta, Associated Oregon Industries Board of Directors; Shareholder, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt
Senator Lee Beyer, Senate District 6
Senator Chris Telfer, Senate District 27
Representative Nancy Nathanson, House District 13
Representative Patrick Sheehan, House District 51
Judy Betts, Hamilton Construction, Human Resources Manager
Hermann Colas, Colas Construction, Inc., CEO
Andrea Durbin, Oregon Environmental Council, Executive Director
Ron Fox, Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development
Sandra Geiser-Messerle, South Coast Economic Development Council
Margaret Kirkpatrick, NW Natural, Vice President & General Counsel
Roger Lee, Economic Development for Central Oregon
John Mohlis, Building & Construction Trades Council, Executive Secretary
Pat Reiten, Oregon Business Plan Steering Committee, Chair; Pacific Power, President & CEO

Project Leader:
Fred Granum, Department of Justice, Special Counsel to the Attorney General

Resource Persons:
Sarah Gates, Department of Administrative Services, Operational Performance Manager
Reed Wagner, Department of Administrative Services, Statewide Initiatives Office, Deputy Director
Andrea Fogue, Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Statewide Initiatives Liaison
Cheryl Hiemstra, Department of Justice, Special Assistant to the Attorney General
John Ledger, Associated Oregon Industries, Vice President of External Affairs

Although not final, the Initial Proposal calls for the following parallel steps over the next six months:

  • Craft a vision statement that clearly communicates the purposes and values of the project;
  • Collect a sampling of “real world” cases that highlight the inefficiencies or problems with the current system so that the strategic roadmap we develop addresses the real world problems;
  • Conduct benchmarking studies and a survey of “best practices;”
  • Identify the “game changing” process improvement projects underway in Oregon;
  • Monitor the ongoing “Dredge/Fill” permit process improvement project so that we can identify how we can use the lessons learned from that project in future projects;
  • Develop a detailed, multi-year, strategic roadmap that sets forth how the state should go about achieving lasting, meaningful improvements to the processes and enhance the outcomes we seek to achieve.

Supporting the effort is the Working Group, consisting of:

Patrick Allen, Department of Consumer & Business Services (Building Codes Division)
Michael Jordan, DAS Director and Chief Operating Officer
Annette Liebe, Regional Solutions Coordinator, Central Oregon
Scott Nelson, Office of the Governor, Jobs and Economy Advisor
Dick Pedersen, Department of Environmental Quality, Director
Lynn Peterson, Office of the Governor, Transportation Advisor
Jeremy Rogers, Oregon Business Council, Oregon Business Plan Project Manager
Jim Rue, Department of Land Conservation and Development, Deputy Director
Richard Whitman, Office of the Governor, Natural Resources Advisor
Greg Wolf, Office of the Governor, Intergovernmental Relations and Regional Solutions Team

The entire reform process is expected to take years since it may entail legislation and other major actions.