“Advocacy by an individual or by an advocacy group normally aim to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.” source: wikipedia

Our recent current legislative efforts have included:

House Bill 2746 Introduced  Stating – Abolition of the Oregon State Parks Usage Fee: The fee is based on all gross sales that take place on Oregon beaches. The Fee is 10% of gross sales regardless of net earnings. We feel that this fee is anti business and amounts to a stealth business tax. Oregon has no sales tax and this fee is the only fee that exists in Oregon that is based on sales. The Seaside Chamber of Commerce has sponsored along with Representative Deborah Boone a bill to abolish this fee. VICTORY FOR SMALL BUSINESS – ABOLITION OF THE STATE PARKS USAGE FEE – RATIFIED EARLY 2012

Change to State Parks Rules for permitting: The Seaside Chamber of Commerce is working with its members and other organizations  to ensure that small business voices are heard during the public input period for Oregon State Parks Non-Traditional Use Permit application rule changes. We feel that:

  • There should be sufficient policies and guidance in place to help Park Managers to make sound and reasonable decisions based on fair treatment for all.
  • Greater definition as to what is considered an event, what is not considered an event, and  those activities that would require a permitting process.
  • Sufficient policies and documentation to help park managers assess event risk and asses appropriate insurance without burdening small businesses, and that certain events should not require insurance where necessary.
  • Public input on the Non-Traditional Use Permit Application design and verbiage to help applicants understand more easily that process.


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Oregon State Chamber

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National Federation Of Independent Business (Oregon)